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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Designsta?

Designsta is an online graphic design platform for entrepreneurs who need to create stunning designs for their businesses. Members get access to the Designsta tool, fully editable templates for social media image posts, web banners, printables, workbook pages and cover templates, planning sheets, infographics and much more. Also included is access to exclusive Designsta design elements, design support from me (a pro graphic designer and illustrator) access to monthly bundles including new templates, design elements, a workbook including tips and video tutorials. Members also get to share their designs in my private Facebook group and I will give them help / feedback and suggest ways in which they can improve their designs. This means members never have to feel unsure about what they are creating as I will make sure they end up with professional looking designs.


How can I join and become a Designsta?

To join, visit this page and sign up. Once you have signed up you will be given access to create your user account on the Thank You page. 


What happens after I sign up?

After you have set up your PayPal payments I will get notification that you have joined. You will be
re-directed to the Thank You page after you have completed the payment, there you will see the option to create your user account. You can then get started. If you have any problems with setting up your account please email me for assistance.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes you can cancel your account any time you choose to. Just log into your PayPal account and stop your automatic payments. You account will remain open for the month you have paid for and then it will be deleted. Any saved designs in your account will be lost when your account is closed and deleted so please make sure you download any designs you would like to keep. If you are having trouble cancelling your account please email me for assistance.


How are payments taken?

Payments are taken through PayPal every month on the same day that you first joined up.


Can I get a refund?

I don't offer refunds but the minimum term is just one month ie. the month that you've already paid for. You can cancel your account at any time by simply logging into your PayPal account and stopping the automatic payments. 


What are the Monthly Bundles?

Every month I release a new design based bundle. The bundle comes out at some point in the first week of the month and I will always announce it in the Facebook group. The bundle includes hand drawn design elements and backgrounds based on the theme of the month, created especially by our in-house designers.


Where do I start?

I recommend you start by watching the intro video. After you have watched that check out some of the other video tutorials on my YouTube channel (click here to view). Log into your account and familiarise yourself with the Designsta tool and have a play around with editing some of the existing templates. Get used to where all of the design elements live and practise downloading your designs. Don't forget to join the Facebook group and introduce yourself. Share your designs in the Facebook group and don't be afraid to ask questions. I am here to help you and we have a lovely community of Designsta's who all help each other out. I will always give you friendly, honest and professional feedback on any designs you post in the Facebook group so you can benefit from my many years experience as a pro graphic designer.


Can I upload my own fonts?

You can put in a request to have FREE open source or Google fonts uploaded into the Designsta font library and this is usually done within 24 hours. If you have queries about premium fonts please contact me to discuss options.

To request to have your fonts added either contact me in the Facebook group or email me.


How do I copy a colour/use my brand colours?

All of the templates in Designsta are fully editable which makes it very easy for you adapt any of the designs to suit your brand. To change the colour of an element or font, just click on it and open the colour panel on the right hand side of the page. Keep your brand colours saved on a document on your desktop so they are easy for you to go and grab. Copy the colour hex code of choice and paste it into the hex code box in the colour panel. Easy peasy! 


How many fonts/colours should I use on one page?

Less is always more with design. Don't clutter your page with too many fonts and colours. You don't want to give your reader eye ache do you?! Make things clear and easy to read, always think in terms of the end user - the person that knows very little about you and is looking at your design trying to work out what you do. Don't confuse them! Stick to your brand fonts for consistency, use up to 3 fonts per design and try and stick to a colour palette of no more than 5 colours. Use this as your general rule of thumb, obviously there are exceptions and design is subjective but this is a good way to not go overboard and have too much going on. 


When are you available to answer my questions?

Studio Hours are held in my Facebook group every Tuesday and Thursday so look out for my posts in the group. Studio Hours is a 2 hour window where you can ask me for design feedback, put requests in, ask me any technical issues you may have with Designsta or ask me how you can get the best out of Designsta for your designs. You can also tag me in posts at any time in the Facebook group and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I know it can be difficult for people who are in different timezones and can't make the allocated Studio Hours so in those cases members can just post their questions whenever they can and I will get back to them.

I also have a Feedback Friday post in the Facebook group where you can share your design and ask for my feedback. I will always get back to you with friendly, honest feedback as soon as I can.

The Designsta community is a lovely, friendly group and we all help each other out in the Facebook group so make sure to come over and introduce yourself and tell us all what you do when you first join.


Will you review my designs?

Yes, see question above for details on Studio Hours and Feedback Fridays. By taking part in these allocated feedback times I will ensure you are ending up with professional looking designs and getting the most out of Designsta.


Will you design something for me?

Unfortunately I am a very busy bee and I spend all of my time running Designsta these days to ensure that it is the best service it can possibly be for my members. This means I have no time to take on any freelance jobs anymore. If you need help with putting together a template in Designsta please email me to discuss.


What's the best way to start my design?

After watching my video tutorials to familiarise yourself with the basic features head into Designsta and open up the template size you need. Decide whether you want to start from scratch and create your own design or if you would like to open one of my pre-designed templates and edit it. Choose blank template or pre-designed and open it in Designsta. Spend a little time getting the hang of where everything is and practise uploaing your own images / logo. I would always recommend a practise session first to just get to grips with the platform. You will very quickly get the hang of it as it is super simple to use. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in the Facebook group.


I can't make XX fit - what do I do now?

If you need a template size creating that you do not see already available in Designsta please put a request in in the Facebook group and I will get the template size created for you. 


Why are there not pre-designed templates under all of the
template sizes?

This is because I get a lot of requests from members for new sized templates to be added so that they can create graphics for their website - when a size is requested I always make it available as quickly as I can. It would be impossible for me to re-create all of the pre-designed templates in every size - even Beyoncé couldn't make that happen! To find a list of where you can find all of the pre-designed templates please visit this page. You will also notice in the main dropdown menu that products have (TEMPLATES AVAILABLE) next to them if there are pre-designed templates available.


I'm not sure what to do next, can you help me?

Sure, if you get stuck with anything just head on over to the Facebook group and ask me how to do something, I will get back to you as soon as I can.


I am experiencing a technical issue with Designsta

From time to time technology can decide to be a right pain in the you know what! If you are having any technical issues with Designsta please email me and explain what is happening. I will take a look for you and if it needs further assistance I will get my technical team on the case and get it sorted for you as soon as possible. In these cases I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


Can I change any colours of these templates?

All of the templates in Designsta are fully editable which makes it very easy for you adapt any of the designs to suit your brand. To change the colour of an element of font, just click on it and open the colour panel on the right hand side of the page. Keep your brand colours saved on a document on your desktop so they are easy for you to go and grab. Copy the colour hex code of choice and paste it into the hex code box in the colour panel. Easy peasy! 


Is this suitable for printing in high res?

Yes, when you download a PDF from Designsta it will download as a 300dpi high res PDF. All of the fonts are converted to paths when downloaded so they are suitable for printing and will not drop. The designs will download in RGB format so please check with your printer that they will print this for you, most will be able to.


Can I become an affiliate of Designsta?

Yes you can. If you have an audience of female entrepreneurs that would benefit from hearing all about Designsta then apply to become a partner here


Can we collaborate?

If you have an idea on how we could collaborate then drop me an email and let's chat.


Do you have a question that you think I should add to this FAQ page?
Please let me know and I will add it!

Louise xx