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Got some feedback about Designsta?




I would love some feedback from you about your experiences with Designsta.
If you have some Designsta love to share then please come and tell me -
I love hearing nice stuff about Designsta, it makes my heart sing! 

I love seeing designs that you've created in Designsta so please keep
showing them to me, if you have any pieces that you are particularly proud of
that you'd like me to consider sharing with my audience (so I can show off a little
bit and introduce you!) then please submit it here with a brief paragraph of why you
love it so much and how it was to put together in Designsta.

If you have some not-so-good feedback then I would like to hear from you too -
I am always striving to make Designsta even better so if something isn't so great
then tell me so I can work on it. But please be gentle with me and
remember that Designsta is my baby. 

If something is not working for you then please be patient and come and tell
me about it, I will help you fix whatever issue you are facing, remember all tech
platforms face little issues now and then but I do my best to keep on top of everything
and smoothe things out as quickly as I can. No throwing laptops out of windows please! 

Thanks so much!

Louise xx