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The Designsta Story


Designsta came about by accident. In fact if I tried to do it again I’m not sure I could. The story of Designsta is a random one with quite a few twists and turns along the way. In January 2015, I moved from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK to San Francisco with my boyfriend (now husband!) for his work. Things were flying for him and while I had a busy graphic design business, I knew that this business was not ‘the one’ for me. I’ve always had entrepreneurial tendancies and I was sick of working 1-1, for demanding clients, designing stuff I wasn't passionate about, working all the hours for not enough money. None of these things were making my heart sing.
Living in San Francisco, the technology capital of the world was inspirational and I can only blame it on this for how I stumbled into creating my own graphic design platform. While I was having my latest business block, scratching my head trying to decide what to do, I found myself joining lots of online business groups for entrepreneurs. I noticed a growing trend of business owners starting to tackle their own graphic design - DIY designs were getting shared left, right and centre and I found myself giving feedback to those asking for it. I realised there was a need there, I had years of graphic design experience in my back pocket and these DIY designers needed some support!
"I realised there was a need there, I had years
of graphic 
design experience in my back pocket
and these DIY 
designers needed some support!"
Meanwhile, as a hobby I had started illustrating thank you cards and had set up a website to sell them online. I decided to search for a developer that could help me make my postcards customisable to customers - so that they could add the recipients name or a message. It was a simple idea, but as I went about my researching I started to find that the possibilities were endless and my ambitions were growing. Before long I had found a team of developers and I was in discussions about exactly what I needed in order to allow customers to create whatever designs they needed in my site. 
So, there I had it. The idea…'the one’. It was going to be an online graphic design platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers and creatives with customisable templates, design elements and a supportive community where I would give feedback, training and help. 
The next couple of months went by in a blur. Getting to grips with my new site, building templates (lots of them), designing elements, trying to spread the word…I have photos of me sitting at my desk with a wrist support on due to the repetitive strain injury I had given myself from frantically designing at all hours of the day and night. 
In April 2015 I launched my website and then 6 months later I rebranded it to Designsta. Today I have members from across the globe, all  working on growing their businesses and wanting to leave their mark on the world with gorgeous graphics. I love my Designsta community and look forward to growing it and helping more and more people to grow their empires through design.